I will present here a good method to measure heart rate (HR) using sensor data and investigate the effect of feedback loops on HR rhythms.

I will show you answers to these specific questions:

  1. What is the best way to calculate resting baseline heart rate (HR) using ECG sensor data and RR interv...

Assuming you have in your possession a world-changing research paper which is a bit outdated, but groundbreaking nevertheless. You would like to find a more recent scientific work on the same topic. Dread no longer as we go through these few steps, leaving you with a research paper having an out-of-...

This blog is built with Grav CMS and it starts very slow with basic installation, so it is necessary to make a few configuration changes for speed.

I have opened the galleries on my website with all of my project and art images.


This is the first post to test blog platform.

A special highlight is the camper expansion, which offers a simple and solid sleeping option. This camping facility consists of a total of three rows of pillars, which form an extremely stable lying surface. In order to offer sufficient storage space, the underside of the extension has been left open.

Find the press release in Blekinge Läns Tidning, named 'Computer games can make us make better decisions' ('Datorspel kan få oss att fatta bättre beslut').

The ambiguity of teaching students at the university level starts with the educational system, at its start. The deep-learning approaches are often neglected for the sheer impulse to deliver a huge amount of content which students have to memorize. Not only that this attitude is not rewarding, but i...