DIY camper extension for Renault Kangoo

A special highlight is the camper expansion, which offers a simple and solid sleeping option. This camping facility consists of a total of three rows of pillars, which form an extremely stable lying surface. In order to offer sufficient storage space, the underside of the extension has been left open.

Camper extension

Vehicle: Renault Kangoo 4x4 2003

Prestige version with a lot of storage space



After long planning, many conversations with other campers, diligent looking around, visits to trade fairs and high roof combo forum browsing, I managed to get a simple, stable, everyday fit out with a friend of mine who was tailored to my requirements.



A wooden board - that sounds so easy, but it took ages to get it done. But now I have a sturdy two-seater that accompanies me to the beaches and camping.

And now the implementation follows in detail

Preliminary considerations: discarded alternatives. There are a few clever solutions in the high roof combination and MyKangoo forums as well as by professional carpenters , which make the car very flexible as a multi-seater, camper or even both. But in the end I decided to do a permanent renovation. Now I have a two-seater with lots of storage space in the rear part. The ideal solution for me as a single and good weather camper.

  1. Seats out The dismantling of the rear bench seat took place with a little manual skill and a lot of breathing. The bank doesn't take up as much space in the basement as I thought. Well wrapped up in tarpaulin, she is now waiting for her next assignment - you never know.

  2. Wooden frame purely



In Kangoo's sleep mode, the driver's cabin seats are pushed all the way forward and tilted. The foldable board is folded over and finds a hold on the back of the seat.



  1. Storage cellar, equipment store, wardrobe and household box and of course the car accessories such as jack and first aid kit.


The space beneath

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